Business Overview

We are the sole leasing business platform and one of the key strategic business segments of CDB, dedicated to providing comprehensive leasing services to high-quality customers in industries including aviation, infrastructure, shipping, commercial vehicle and construction machinery. We are a pioneer and a leader in the PRC leasing industry. Founded in 1984, we were among the first leasing companies in the PRC and the first CBRC-regulated leasing companies.


We provide a wide range of leasing services to our clients in the PRC and globally. Our principal business segments are:

Aircraft Leasing
We mainly engage in acquiring, leasing, managing and selling commercial aircraft;
Infrastructure Leasing
We mainly engage in the leasing of transportation, urban and energy infrastructure.
Shipping, commercial vehicle and construction machinery leasing
We engage in the leasing of shipping, commercial vehicle and construction machinery
Other Leasing Business
We mainly engage in the leasing of commercial property and manufacturing equipment in various sectors such as chemical, electronics, papermaking, textile, coal and steel.

As one of the first leasing companies in the PRC, we have witnessed and participated in the development of the PRC leasing industry. With a more diverse range of leasing products and a continually improving regulatory environment, the leasing industry has been playing an increasingly important role in the PRC financial system. We have weathered economic and industry cycles and regulatory reforms, and gained experience through continual improvement in our business operations, product innovation and exploration of new sectors. We have identified key sectors, namely, the aircraft and infrastructure leasing businesses, which have welldeveloped business model, good asset quality and growth potential, and key customer groups, namely, large and medium-sized, high-quality corporate customers, as the primary focus of our business.

The continued market-oriented reform of the PRC financial industry, increasing demand for customized leasing products and services, the internationalization of the Renminbi and favorable government policies have brought by important opportunities in the leasing industry. We believe that our market leading position, long operating history, well-developed business model and premier brand name will enable us to seize such opportunities. The extensive experience we gained through economic and industry cycles in the PRC enables us to achieve sustained growth in the next stage of China’s economic transformation and continue to maintain our leading position in the fast developing PRC leasing industry. In addition, we have higher international credit ratings than all listed leasing companies globally, and one of the highest international credit ratings among PRC financial institutions. Our superior funding capabilities provide strong support to our business development and help us generate attractive financial returns.